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From: Michele
Date: 2001-07-05 00:00:00 UTC
Subject: Blaze Ferrets

Hello all. I know I usually lurk but after reading about the person with
behavior problems with a 8 month old blaze I had to post. I was given two
ferrets this past February without knowing what kind they would be. They
were my birthday gifts from my daughter and fiancée. One is a sable the
other is a blaze. The blaze acted afraid and hid at first then I realized he
could not hear. It seems blaze ferrets have a genetic tendency towards being
deaf. I know that a blaze's behavior is wild crazy and if that ferret has a
cage mate he cannot hear,thus his bites while playing can be hard on the
other ferret. I found that holding the deaf ferret and being gentle with him
did help allot with his behavior. He is now 6 months old still wild and
crazy but he has learned to stop biting me and his cage mate to make him
scream. I can tell he loves me and learned love is never silent. Though he
cannot hear my voice he can feel the love I have for him by his kissing me
and always coming over to see what I am doing. It takes months of trying to
teach a deaf ferret not to bite but in time I who was so upset my ferret was
deaf and am now glad I learned how to handle him. Yes there are still times
he is bad and still tosses all of the food out of the food dish and since he
cannot hear my displeasure I have still not found a way to make him stop but
I do take the food dish out for about half an hour and sometimes this will
stop him from throwing the food out all over again. Just be patient and
gentle and in time your blaze will come to stop being a naughty boy or girl.

Hope this post helped a bit.

ferret hugs to all,