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From: The Divide Homeowners Assoc.
Date: 2001-07-05 02:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Need input

I can only tell you of me expeirence with oliver.
Oliver is also chronic renal failure. What i am
currently doing is, like you, feeding him via syringe
of a modified diet for renal failure both wet and dry
but also a daily dose of prednisone to help with
inflamation, but more importantly a way to help his
appetite. I also make sure that every feeding he gets
has basically 20cc's of h20 added. Good luck, deidre
and oliver.

Quoting katharine <shurcool@i...>:

> As most of you know, Champ is suffering from
> chronic renal failure. The outcome is pretty much
> known. What's not known is how much time he has.
> I have noticed a definite downhill slide with him
> recently and wonder if anyone can give me any
> advice.
> He does not eat anything (or drink water, best I
> can tell) on his own. He eats 2 cubes of soup
> twice a day with his medications added. I add a
> little whipping cream to the soup also. His
> weight has maintained on this for several months
> (after an initial weight loss which he has never
> regained). He will only eat his soup if he's in
> my lap. I normally have to get him started
> (licking my finger) and the he will eat the rest
> on his own. I can't walk off, though. He will
> also just walk off. I use this time to give him
> his injections and sub-q fluids. Lately (the last
> couple of weeks) he will not begin eating the soup
> on his own. I pretty much end up giving him his
> entire meal off my finger. He doesn't visibly
> fight eating, he just appears to have not one whit
> of an appetite. Of course, this then stresses him
> out as I still have to give him fluids and any
> necessary injections. He is aware that he's being
> poked and, of course, doesn't like it one bit.
> While he's eating, he doesn't seem to notice being
> poked.
> Champ also disappears almost immediately after
> eating and goes back to sleep. Since I feed him
> as soon as he wakes up, you can get an idea of his
> "awake" time. If I don't feed him as soon as he
> gets out of his cage, I have to go find him and
> wake him up to eat.
> I'm not asking whether it's time to let him go.
> Champ and I are the only ones who will ultimately
> make that decision. I'm asking if anyone has any
> suggestions to make things easier for him (and mom
> too since this stresses me out also). I want his
> remaining time to be happy and stress free and
> just don't know how to do that.
> He's going to the vet tomorrow for bloodwork so
> I'll talk to Doc about this also. Please send any
> responses directly to me as well as the List. I
> get the List in digest form and sometimes it takes
> >24 hours for some messages to appear in the
> digest.
> Thanks in advance
> Katharine
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