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From: colleen burke
Date: 2001-07-05 05:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re ??????Adrenal??????

I would like to thank those who answered my query about adrenal.
Especially Sukie Crandal, Susan - Furtulsa, Dr Ruth and Dr Karen
Purcell. I have had Fleur to my Vet, and we both thought it looked like
adrenal so before he went in and opperated he wanted to be ultra sure as
did I. Dr William's once told me that adrenal disease is very rare in
New Zealand so I wanted to ask his advise. Fleur is an approximate 4yr
old female. She was desexed and descented as a kit. She has grown up on
Kitten Biscuites(Natures Recipe kitten and now, Iams kitten and chicken
gravy.). She currently has lipoma, abdominal extension, symmetrical hair
thinning on rump and tail and hair seems quite coarse, Eats heaps and
has become quite aggressive to the others.She seems lively enough now
thow she used to sleep a lot.Her vulva is not swollen
Thank you all for your helpfull replies and I have forwarded all on to
my Vet.
Fleur is a big girl and fit enough so would tolerate surgery well I
I will let you know how things go.

Kindest Regards to you,
Colleen Burke.