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Date: 2001-07-05 06:43:00 UTC
Subject: kennel cough

Thank you Dr. Purcell, i really appreciate the input. My
next question, ihave 24 ferrets! Any suggestions on how to
handle, where to begin to make sure that it is
controlled/under control, the pup is in complete isolation,
but as i had said, in the bathroom, which has traffic in and
out all day, how is is spread? We do not pet her, but do talk
to her while we are in there. A visit to the vet of course
would b the best recourse, but should they all be vaccinated
or ? Tested first? Is there a test for kennel cough? (i
guess i can ask my daughter that one, she works @ a vet
clinic, but they have not treated many ferrets) (therefore
the answer, that "she didn't think that they would get kennel
cough). Some of my ferts have an occasional hack/sneeze, but
we have tile floor that has to b constantly swept or the hair
is EVERYWHERE! w/4 cats and dogs too...lots of hair. Our
daughter is allergic, and that is one of the reasons for tile,
and clean up is easier place for all the crud to go,
but onto a dustpan and in the trash or the air. We also have
aircleaners circulating. The ferrets most of them have free
roam, w/some restrictions. They did have a minute amt of
contact w/this puppy for a day or 2. I am sure that cats can
get it too, then?
Sorry this is so long, but, i just need to know where to begin
w/making sure it doesn't spread.
Thanks for all the advice.