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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-05 07:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Possible Blockage

Mike wrote:
<My first ferret Sidney had two rubber disks in
his stomach that
were found quite by accident during spleen
surgery. We have
no idea how long they were in there. He never
exhibited any
signs of a blockage.<

Same with my Cedes. His owner was going to have
him euthanized since he had suspected insulinoma.
Surgery was recommended and she couldn't afford
it. My vet didn't want to euthanize him so his
owner agreed to let me have him. We proceeded
with the exploratory. He had horrible, awful
teeth (his two top canines are still very brown,
almost as if he's had distemper) and he had a
rubber thing in his tummy. He didn't have
insulinoma. Our theory is that between it hurting
him to chew and this rubber thing taking up a good
bit of his stomach space, he wasn't eating very
much, hence the seizure. Removed the rubber,
cleaned his teeth, and he was good as new!! Doc
handed me the rubber thing during surgery, I stuck
it in my pocket, got home and found it and it's
been added to our little ferret memorabilia box.