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Date: 2001-07-05 07:54:00 UTC
Subject: Canine Distemper


I have a query about canine distemper vaccines. The first vet I
spoke to said that there isnt a vaccine for ferrets and that the only
one there was had to be ordered in packs of 10 and I would have to
pay for all 10!! He also said that there wasn't really a need for him
to have one cos he will be staying in the garden and the likely hood
of him catching CD isnt very likely round here ( we live in North
Yorkshire)!! The second vet I spoke to said that he had vaccinated
ferrets in the past and there would be no problem in doing it there!
He went on to say that the CD jab that my ferret will be getting is a
one off shot and he wont ever need one ever again! Is this right? Is
there such a vaccine for CD? or does he have to have yearly boosters
like I thought anyway??
This has just totally confused me and I want to do whats best for my
ferret! Please Help!!

Best Wishes