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Date: 2001-07-05 06:58:00 UTC
Subject: dragging back leggs

Hershey is a 16mos. healthy happy ferret. He came to me 15 days ago
his back legs. I took him to my vet. He did x-rays and blood work.
Told me
it was probably nerve damage. Put him on prednisone and within 2
was walking. He was taken off his med. after 5 days and within 12
hours was
dragging his legs again. My vet put him back on prednisone 3 days
ago and
Hershey is not using his legs. He has feeling in them, but can not
stand on
them. He has stopped eating on his own and I have to hand feed him.
I am
concerned when I took him off the prednisone that something
happened. My vet
had him on 1mL every 12 hours for 5 days and then just took him off.
He is
now on 1mL every 24 hours and I am to lower the dose to every other
day in 2
days. If this is nerve damage, how long does something like this
take before
I can let my Hershey out to excerise.
New to the list-Becky