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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-05 19:34:00 UTC
Subject: Champ Update

Took Champ (renal failure) in today for
bloodwork. Despite doubling his Tumil-K
(potassium supplement) three weeks ago, his
potassium level has dropped even lower. Doc has
now spiked his lactated ringers with additional
potassium chloride (there already is some
potassium in lactated ringers). He was a pitiful
boy. We were there for nearly two hours (I always
stay with my animals during all their tests and
surgeries) and he laid in my arms the entire
time. He got lots of head pats and "poor little
Champy" from the staff. All of his other readings
were the same as they were previously, a good

He had also lost a bit of weight from 3 weeks
ago. I am going to try to fit in another small
meal each day. If I feed him as soon as I get
home from work, I can feed him again before I go
to bed, I think. Doc was still a little concerned
about his heart murmur so he did an x-ray. It
looked just fine so they will just continue to
monitor his heart.

I hope the additional potassium will perk him up a
little. I would love to see him show a little
interest in things instead of just sleeping all
the time. We'll go back in another 3 weeks to
check him again.

Dr. Purcell did respond privately to my request
for input on Champ. She thinks that he probably
isn't any any pain, just is very, very tired all
the time. That was reassuring to me.