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Date: 2001-07-05 19:13:00 UTC
Subject: Mikey's Heart - update

Mikey's ultrasound results were normal (my vet was able to obtain the
normal measurements thanks to this list) and his chest x-rays were
normal, but we are still worried. On Monday I took him for a walk
for his first time. It was cooler out and we only stayed out about
15 minutes. He seemed to enjoy it other than when a car playing loud
music passed in the street and scared him and my dog. We were in a
small park so were not too close to the street. When I brought him
home he walked a couple of steps, lay down and did this several
times. I phoned my vet right away. Within about 20 minutes Mikey
was back to normal.
Yesterday his heart rate was taken again and it was only 140. My vet
has been tossing around the idea of a shunt as his liver enzymes were
out slightly (he thinks a more likely explanation for the liver is a
past bladder infection), but he said to me today that he would expect
the heart to be faster not slower. He also has not seen a liver
shunt in a ferret yet. Next week he wants to run a bit of a stress
test and redo his ekg. My dog has a slow heart rate and does fine,
so I know that an animal can do alright with a slow heart, but what
is worrying my vet and me is that Mikey seems to tire when you
wouldn't think he would. He also has a lot of energy at times.
I am so worried about him, but my vet will not give up until he is
satisfied that Mikey is going to be ok. I am so thankful to have a
vet like him, and I am thankful to this list.