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From: Stephanie Blue
Date: 2001-07-05 18:34:00 UTC
Subject: ill ferret not improving

First of all thank you to everyone who has responded so far,
I appreciate it so much. I have the ferret (Bo) with
Helicobactor. He has not improved. His diarrhea has gotten
much worse today. Usually when I feed him I aim for 15-20 ml
at a time. He will usually not fight me until I have about 10
ml down him. This afternoon and tonight he has done nothing
but fight me from the first bite. I can not get the
metronidazole down him and when I do he vomits it back up. I
am so scared I am going to loose him. He is slightly
dehydrated tonight, I am assuming from the diarrhea. If
anyone knows what I can do please give me an idea. This has
been going on for 2 weeks tonight. He is still currently on
Amoxi (he will have been on it for 2 weeks tomorrow),
chlorphenicol (one week on Saturday) and carafate.

Thank you all again.