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Date: 2001-07-05 15:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Behavior Problems

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Wolfy has a page that goes into some aspects of dealing with deaf
ferrets, I think. If not her, could someone, please, correct me and
direct Ashlie to the resource?
I did want to alert you to the fact that there is a good possiblity that
your blaze may be deaf therefore adding to the problem. I have a deaf site
as you see on the bottom, that shows what markings and signs indicate this,
and how to test your ferret, etc. It also talks about how they get along
with others.
If the ferret is deaf, then you may want to at least supervise them as
they work out their differences since he can't not hear her say "uncle". And
that can complicate things.
I have one ferret (not a deaf one) that was on the bottom of the pole.
And we brought in this rescue to live here. Well the one on the bottem always
got along with visiting ferrets just fine in the past ... and was the meekest
sweetest one in our bunch. But he attacks this new rescue. Its been months
with no change. I think like you... he sees yet another comming in and
figures its a fresh chance to try to move up the ladder.
Anyway, as far as deafness goes, I suggest that you read my deaf pages
very well to see if it is likely that your ferret is deaf. There is even a
page there on how to test for deafness at home. And I will cross my fingers
that others write you of advice about whether to let them continue as they
are in the cage or not. I would be inclined not to let them alone in cage
without you around to supervise in case it gets bad. By bad I mean the one
leaving marks, blood, etc on the other or one of them loosing control of
their bowels during a scuffle. Let them work things out as much as possible
though. I'd would then increase their time, etc. But I really don't have
that much experience with Deaf Ferrets having a bad time getting along with
others really. I hope someone else here does.


Please visit:
for information on ferret deafness: