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Date: 2001-07-06 08:14:00 UTC
Subject: Whats that smoke?!

::a calm mist rises, and a robed woman slowly appears through it, with
ferrets by her side. She stops and removes her hood. OH no how did SHE find
her way here?! ::
Please forgive the interuption. I transported accross a plane to bring
something very important to you all. Finally, the presentation of Dr.
Stephon's speech at the PA show on ADV in June is available! It's on the
best ADV site on the web -- at Judy G's ADV site (in MY opinion). No wagon
could hold this ... this was kept close to my heart, safe.
::She then reaches into her robe. She throws something very precious and
valuable out to one and all here::
::POOF:: ::POOF::
This site is so terrific I printed it off for my vet. Wait whats...
whats going on?! ::she closes her eyes, and she concentrates... then
smiles:: OH my gosh... in the future a sight with information to absolutely
dazzle you from Dr Stevenson will appear. We've all been waiting for this!
YES! The Ferret Oracle has spoken! When it is here I will announce it one
and all.
Magic had nothing to do with these occurances however. Ferret love did.
These Doctors have worked tirelessly for this information. Judy G has given
much of her energy and heart in bringing making this available. And Kat P
has generously worked hours to present this to you. And that my friends is
more powerful than any magic. I'll let you get back to your regularly
scheduled programing.
::She pulls her hood back up, and turns into the mist with her
companions, and dissapears::


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