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From: Lisa Shortley
Date: 2001-07-06 22:12:00 UTC
Subject: my ferret died...I need major advice

I don't even know how to write this.

Last night, my ferret Nala, aged 4 was fine. She was playing well,
eating well, everything.
She had a yeast infection in her ear, which she was receiving Otomax
for (1 drop twice daily).
After about 4 hours of playtime, around 11:30 PM Thurs night, I
scruffed her to administer her ear medication. I noticed that her
scruff was a little stiff (slight dehydration). I gave her some duck
soup with extra pedialyte in it and she ate this fine on her own.

Today around 11:00, I went to check on her and found her limp. She is
a DEW. Her nose was purple, her tail was purple, her skin was tinged
purple. She wasn't blinking. Her mouth was partially opened. She
was breathing but barely and there was a gurgling sound coming from
her. She was cold.

I rushed her to my vet's. At 11:40, her temperature was 98. My vet
checked her heart - sounded strong. Her windpipe sounded clear. She
took her in the back to do x-rays. This was when I noticed there was
blood on my t-shirt and shorts.

My vet returned to the room with the x-rays. Nala's lung's looked
great, heart looked fine. Her stomach looked black. She inserted a
tube and found her stomach was filled with blood. In this blood was a
sandy substance. She wanted to sent that off to pathology. Nala was
placed in an oxygen tank on a heating pad, with IV fluids,
antibiotics, and carafate being injected into her stomach in an
attempt to stabilize her and stop the bleeding. Blood should be back
from pathology tomorrow (Sat).

At 4, my vet called me. Nala had arrested. They were able to give
her an injection to stimulate her heart. My vet reported that she was
very out of it. Her legs were so dark that there was trouble finding
her veins to insert a catheder. She was injecting fluids directly
into her abdomen. It didn't look good. I was told to come see her -
she most likely wouldn't make the night.

I arrived at the vet's at 5:05. Nala arrested two additional times,
the third time killed her. My vet is doing a post mortem tomorrow.

Here's what I know: Nala did not injest anything. I went through her
room with a fine-toothed comb. No signs of any toys being chewed on,
nothing missing, no poisons. She is caged with 6 other ferrets. None
of which are sick (possibly indicating food poisoning). On Thurs
evening at 11:30, Nala was slightly dehydrated but active and eating
very well.

When we returned from the vets today, we discovered bloody stools in
the cave she was sleeping in. There was also vomit (I assume the duck
soup I'd fed her the night before) on top of that.

Nala had surgery on 3/30/01 to search for an adrenal reminent due to
an elevated estradial level and excessive baldness. All other organs
looked wonderful - a picture perfect prognosis. Nala continued losing
fur after this.

This past Saturday (6/30), Nala had an injection of Lupron (1 month
depot) to try and alleviate the baldness and adrenal behavior. She
was fine after this.

Nala had a full CBC done 5/01. All results were normal.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anything? I'm devestated beyond words
and very confused. Please help.
Lisa Shortley