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From: Sue
Date: 2001-07-07 09:16:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Nala's post mortem

"She is trying to find a lab that will test
for lead based paint just in case"
I am pretty sure the University of Louisiana does pb and zn testing. The
veterinary dept checks blood and paint for heavy metals. (they are used a
lot for bird's that have gotten into paint)
Good luck!
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Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2001 10:40 AM

> Hi everyone,
> First, thank you greatly for all the kind words and ecards I've
> received. It's so nice to have so much wonderful support in such an
> awful time. I can't remember feeling this empty before. I miss her
> so badly...
> My vet called me about 45 minutes ago with the results from Nala's
> post mortem. All of her organs looked great. Her stomach was black
> from hemmoraging but her stomach wall was not thickened or had any
> look of any sort of indication of a long term ailment. There were no
> signs of cancer or tumors or anything on her stomach wall.
> Filling her stomach, besides blood, were a bunch of little white
> flecks which she said looked a lot like paint.
> She asked me when my house was built because she's seen this type of
> poisoning in birds, which are more likely to chew on walls and ingest
> paint that way. I told her I still had the paint the room was painted
> with - and it is not lead based paint but she told me that it's
> possible that waaaaaay before, there was a layer possibly. I don't
> remember signing any release form here about that possibility.
> I called my landlord who has owned and lived here since 1980. She
> said that lead based paint was never used. My townhouse is only 20
> years old. She bought it when it was new - and this was after lead
> based paint was outlawed.
> My vet is not sure. She said that whatever this was, it is very weird
> and freaky. She sent the blood that was withdrawn from her stomach
> with the sandy substance off to pathology yesterday. She took a
> sample of her stomach wall (that still had the white flecks attached)
> to pathology and to toxicology. She also sent a sample of the white
> flecks off to toxicology. She is trying to find a lab that will test
> for lead based paint just in case.
> Other than that, nothing else was uncovered. And absolutely, this
> should not have happened and my little girl should still be with me.
> I feel completely robbed.
> I read in the archives here last night about AIHA. My vet feels that
> this is not a possibility. Dr Williams, anyone, if you have any
> suggestions or advice, please contact me immediately.
> Nala will be getting creamated.
> Lisa Shortley
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