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From: TR1212@AOL.COM
Date: 2001-07-07 06:57:00 UTC
Subject: Insulinoma Advise

Please, I need some advice. One of my ferrets, a male, approximate
age 4yrs.,
was diagnosed as hypoglycemic about two months ago. His BG levels at
the time
went from 70 to 90. I had his levels tested again today and they
were 45. I
am so worried. My vets oppinion is to just continue what I have been
which is supplementing his feedings with #2 chicken baby food. He
to eats his kibble, MF, and has the baby food three times a day. He
has not
had any symptoms (unless they occur when I am at work which really
makes me
feel awful). He eats well, plays alot, has gained 1/4lb. in a month,

everything "seems" fine. What I want to know is, I have read info
from Dr.
Williams and Dr. Weiss. Both recommend surgery. Is surgery
appropriate when
the BG levels are so low or does this mean that it is so advanced
that it
isn't worth it? My vet has not ruled out surgery but thinks it
should be
considered if the symptoms get worse. I read an article by Beth
Camarow via
consultation with Dr. Weiss which says that my vets way of thinking
backwards. That surgery should be considered first. Is this only
when the BG
levels are down slightly? Like my guys were at first? Or, is this
the way to
go now with BG levels of 45? I have also learned to start having the
levels checked at the age of two or three to "catch" a problem that
we may be
able to help more quickly. Anyone who can advise me, please do. It
would be
greatly appreciated. I'm thinking surgery but again, with BG levels
of 45?
Thanks so much for any help that is forthcoming.
Tiffany, Oscar (the one I'm worried about), Slinky and Cindy