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From: Star
Date: 2001-07-07 15:59:00 UTC
Subject: Baby ferret with broken leg

Hoping to hear from folks who have dealt with
fractures in baby ferrets.

I got a call yesterday from my local Petco, who has my
name and phone number to contact me about ferrets
turned in at the store. In 2 years this is the first
time they have called me. So I talked to the manager
this morning...

It seems one of the baby ferrets jumped out of the
enclosure and fractured her leg. So I could take her
or she would be euthanized, as it is not practical for
them (in a business sense) to continue her care. The
manager there is very nice, he wanted her to be OK
which is why he offered her to me. I went and got her
this afternoon. She's a lovely dark sable, 3-4 months

I don't have a whole lot of information until I talk
to the vet they took her to and pick up her x-rays. I
will do this on Monday.

I was told it's a hairline fracture. It's her left
front leg near the shoulder. I can feel some swelling
there. She puts very little weight on the leg. She is
getting a dropperful of "Torbutrol" every 8-12 hours
for pain. The vet told him it should heal fine if her
activity is restricted, but that without surgery she
could develop arthritis.

I will speak to the vet and see what he says Monday.
In the meantime any input would be appreciated.
For now she is set up comfortably in my small Midwest
travel cage. He energy is good, weight is good. She
eats and drinks and poops well. All she needs is to
tell me her name...


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