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From: RRC
Date: 2001-07-08 03:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Subject: question on Bob Churchs food sugesting

StarAngels <starangels@q...> wrote:

>I was on the web checking things out and i found some things by Bob
Church.. is cartilage really a good thing? or pig ears?
>CARTILAGE: The ends of chicken bones, pig or beef ears, etc., are all
made of cartilage, which is often used as a homopathic remedy for
>joint pain. I am personally convinced that one of the reasons ferrets
love to chew on rubber and crunchy veggies is because they have a >>sort
of cartilage texture and chewiness. Lots of carnivores (and people)
*love* chewing of rubbery or crunchy things, and cartilage fits >the
bill. There is a ferret product designed to fill this need, but I
personally find it expensive, so I subsitute piggie ears (for >
doggies). I just soak them until soft and cut them into strips.
Providing this type of chewing pleasure, as well as bones, has almost
>completely eliminated rubber and cord chewing in my house, even from
Ballistic who would chew the heels off your shoes while you were>
wearing them. Cartilage is mostly protein, low fat, but as a treat, it
is excellent.

You can find a more up-to date post in the FHL archives regarding this
very subject.

Pig ears are dehydrated and in that fashion are dangerous to ferrets.
The ferret's stomach empties too fast for the cartilage to be fully
hydrated, which may result in blockages or other problems. I always
recommend the ears be completely boiled until soft, which depending on
the amount of water, the degree of dehydration, and other factors, can
take an hour or more.

Once the cartilage is completely rehydrated, it is as safe as
chewweasels. I just cut the cartilage into strips and store then in a
damp state in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

Cartilage is a calcium phosphate rich protein. I wouldn't go so far as
to say it is a great food, but it does seem to satisfy the chewing
instincts in my ferrets. As a treat, it is a lot better than raisins.

Bob C