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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-08 03:54:00 UTC
Subject: Dead Ferret Syndrome

Well, Dillon did it to me today...dead as a
doornail. I couldn't detect any breathing, limp
as a rag, eyes half open. He was still warm but
that was probably because Cedes was lying on top
of him. Laid him on the floor so I could go get
my glasses to make sure I couldn't see breathing
movement. Came back and he was gone!!! Off
running around!! The dirty rotten stinker!!! This
is twice in the last few weeks. Chester did it
the last time. Before that, I think I have only
had that happen to me once or twice with about 9
ferrets over 8 years. After many kisses, Dillon
got a little lecture.

For any of you who haven't experienced this, it is
right up there with the scariest things that have
ever happend. I was already thinking how to
preserve his body (in the refrigerator) so I could
get it to Doc tomorrow for a necropsy since this
death was totally unexpected. All of this after
my loner baby opossum WASN'T "playing 'possum"
yesterday a.m. I really didn't need two deaths in
two days.