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From: Julie Cameron
Date: 2001-07-08 09:27:00 UTC
Subject: Question on treatment, and thanks for path interpetation

Thank you Dr.Williams for interpeting the path report on my ferret with the
asthma and probable ulcers. You were right it was 59% neutrophils,not bands.
I am not blaming my vet for encouraging me to put him down, as he has been
the only vet in my area who has been willing to learn all he can about
ferrets and has been getting lots of practice just on my group alone. But I
would like to know for my benefit and my vets, what would you or other vets
do in a case where you have a ferret with these symptoms. He was to the
point of absolutely not eating, (we couldn't even pry his jaws open at the
end). Would the feeding tube have been appropriate, and if so, would you
inject the carafate directly into the stomach first? He had been on
fluids,and carafate with no obvious signs of relief. My vet did look into
the stomach during exploratory surgery, but I understand your comment about
not being able to see the entire area. A point reinforced by poor Nala's
bleeding ulcer! (It is hard enough losing these guys when they have been
sick for awhile, but to lose them when they are well one minute and not the
next must have been really hard!)

Anyway, I would just like to know from the vets out there what they would do
in these extreme instances, go all the way with feeding tubes or are they
too far gone at that point?

Thank you again for your help, this list has been a very big help to all the
ferrets out there! Also, I guess I missed what type of research Dr.Williams
will be doing? I would definitely like to contribute to it too!


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