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Date: 2001-07-08 06:34:00 UTC
Subject: suggestions?

Ok I have four ferrets that have been together in a large cage since they
were teeny, (the oldest is 2). Three get along with Smoke (toady) the new
rescue we got several months ago. One does not and does not act like he will
ever ever get along with Smoke. He tried to kill, actually kill him. Its to
the point poor smoke will loose control of his bowels even if this ferret
approaches him now.
Ok so the problem. Well we are going to get a proper cage for Smoke. I
was so hoping for him to have a cagemate. But I don't want to take one out
of the group of four if it will you know be upsetting to them. Scott wants
to take turns having say one spend the night one night then another the next
night. I don't think that would be good to do. They need some structure.
They currently all play together in shifts all day in their room and in our
house. But the do spend a third of the day in cages.
What are some suggestions? Also another factor in here is we have a new
arrival, in hopes Smoke/Toady will accept her in time as he has three of the
four. Do ferrets like to change cages? or no?


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