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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-07-08 19:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Extra Fused Sacral Vertabrae

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> Hi Everyone!
> I just recently have become new to the list and think it's-
AWESOME.I've got two soon to be 6 year old ferrets.One is a sable
(Buehler) and a black eyed white(Flounder). Flounder has had adrenal
problems for ~1 year and is slowly deteriorating.History: Left
adrenalectomy ~ 9mo.ago and it was benign.(Is on 0.1ml Lasix 1-
2/day.) Still was showing signs of adrenal problems(sexual
aggression,itchy,lots of hair loss ect.) ( Buehler who by the way is
his brother is healthy as can be.) I have Flounder on Lupron (4mo.
depot,200mcg) I have not seen much improvement. He was dragging his
back left leg and I did the proprioception test on that hind leg and
it was delayed. I took him in for a radiograph and found out he has a
fused extra sacral vertebrae.He does have problems getting around but
not all the time. Is there something else that I should be concerned
about? My vet doesn't seem to think so but my instincts tell me
different. any info would be wonderful! K.M.

Dear K.M.

Ferrets have seven sacral vertebrae and all are fused - that is the
way they are made. If there is an eighth, then it would naturally be
fused - so that is not causing his problems. Plus the lesions of the
sacrum are too far behind the leg for that segment to affect the
innervation of the leg - the nerves that work the leg are in the
lumbar segment of the spine (in front of the sacrum).

As you are giving injetions in the back leg, I would examine the
possibility of an injection reaction in that leg (affecting the
sciatic nerve or the muscles of the back leg.)

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams,DVM