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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-08 19:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Extra Fused Sacral Vertebra

> Hi Everyone!
> I just recently have become new to the list and think it's-AWESOME.I've got
> two soon to be 6 year old ferrets.One is a sable(Buehler) and a black eyed
> white(Flounder). Flounder has had adrenal problems for ~1 year and is slowly
> deteriorating.History: Left adrenalectomy ~ 9mo.ago and it was benign.(Is on
> 0.1ml Lasix 1-2/day.) Still was showing signs of adrenal problems(sexual
> aggression,itchy,lots of hair loss ect.) ( Buehler who by the way is his
> brother is healthy as can be.) I have Flounder on Lupron (4mo.
>depot,200mcg) I
> have not seen much improvement. He was dragging his back left leg and I did
> the proprioception test on that hind leg and it was delayed. I took
>him in for > a radiograph and found out he has a fused extra sacral
>vertebrae.He does have > problems getting around but not all the
>time. Is there something else that I
> should be concerned about? My vet doesn't seem to think so but my instincts
> tell me different. any info would be wonderful! K.M.

That's one of the areas where bone number is variable in humans, and
back in the dark ages when I worked on a comparative mammalian
collection it was certainly seen in some other species. This
variation might be something that stands alone and as such won't be
seen with other health problems. Sometimes unusual features are seen
in conjunction with other differences from the norm, but he's reached
6 so far without others being seen so that reduces the chances of
such structural surprises.

If your vet figures it's not the problem that is good, but the
dragging rear left leg still needs to be understood. How badly does
it drag? Is this variable? How do the color and temperature of the
leg compare with the other when this happens? Does he act as if
there is pain? When it drags does he react to finger nail pinches or
finger pad pinches of the foot on that leg?
Is there a chance of a thrown clot from anywhere? Did he have a fall
or possibly a play injury?

I do not understand why you chose to not have adrenal surgery for the
right. Do realize there must be a reason, but you didn't say.

BTW, as I've said before, I am not a vet, so use that grain of salt...