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From: Stephanie Blue
Date: 2001-07-09 07:31:00 UTC
Subject: update on Bo

I wanted to fill everyone who has been asking in on Bo's
present condition. He seems to be feeling a little better. I
am able to get 15-25 ml of duck soup down him at a time. I
had left some food under our bed for him (where he prefers to
live) and he actually ate a few pieces. I had to take it
away, though. I think the hard food may be too much for his
sensitive stomach right now, he vomits it back up.
As a couple of people suggested I took him off all antibiotics
except Amoxi. I am still using the carafate and occassionally
use Pepcid inbetween carafate doses (only use carafate 4 X
daily, I feed him usually 6 times), it seems to calm his
stomach down. I started him on Pred, I know that can make
ulcers worse but I was desperate and figured I would moniter
him closely. It really seems to be helping, he has had
several slightly formed stools. I know we are not out of the
woods yet, but he is doing so much better.
I also want to send out an extra thank you to everyone who
suggested to mix meds in heavy whipping cream. You made my
life and Bo's sooo much easier! I never would have thought to
do this.
Thanks again,