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Date: 2001-07-09 08:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Baby ferret with broken leg

I finally spoke with the vet a little this morning. He told me that
the little ferret was seen by him for two seperate incidents of
jumping out of the cage. The first time it appeared her leg may have
been dislocated as when the doctor manipulated the leg she was fine
afterwards. The second time, the xray seems to show the end of her
joint (in her shoulder) actually was BROKEN OFF!!! This is very
different from the hairline fracture I was told of by the Petco
manager. Doesn't matter as I would have taken her anyways. The vet
told me her leg was swollen to nearly two times normal size when he
saw her Friday. When I picked her up at Petco Saturday I noticed some
slight swelling but not bad. And she was putting weight on the leg. I
will be getting her papers from Petco today so she will be officially
mine. And I will be having the xrays sent to the vets at Midwest for
another opinion. The vet out here mentioned surgery but admitted he
had no idea what they would do in such a case. He also said it most
likely would heal on it's own so the leg would be usable but she
could have arthritis pain in the future.

I'm more confused than ever how to help this little girl but I am
determined she will stay with me and have a good life.