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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-09 18:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Raw Chicken

>Now I'm confused. I thought raw chicken in a blender with ferretone
>was a good protein source. As much as I was leery to try, my boy
>likes it very much.
>What is Duck Soup? I thought it was whole raw chickens, bones and all?

Well, you know how life is; most anything has its upsides and its
downsides, and that easily includes things like raw foods, bones,
kibble, etc. There is never such a thing as a perfect option. Heck,
a person can even overdo moderation. That's to a large extent what
life is about, of course, learning the bad as well as the good (and
visa versa) to weigh risks when making choices. No reason to be
confused: look at both sides as fully as possible and then just do
your best since that's all that any of us can ever do on anything.

(Personally, we don't feed raw and we don't feed blenderized bones or
blenderized egg shells, but we do feed high quality kibble, our own
homemade cooked stuff with very well powdered bone (from our own
cooking) and other ingredients, a/d, baby food, etc. Is that
necessarily the best for a given ferret or for a given person living
with that ferret? Nope, it just is the best for here and now, and
has had to be altered at times for special ferret concerns. Life is
learning and flux.)