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Date: 2001-07-09 14:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Ulcers

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Nala's case is frightening, especially if it was indeed 'just' an

It is indeed. I have been corresponding with Nala's owner
privately, as well
as on another list that we are both members of. I am the vet who
gave Nala
her Lupron injection last Saturday - she looked and felt to be in
health, except for adrenal signs. Her symptoms are almost identical
to those
shown by a ferret of my own a few years back - who had very, very
bleeding gastric ulcers. My ferret, like Nala, had shown no signs
until the
day of death. Ulcers are commonplace, and we often think of them as

something of a routine problem, but they're not always. The problem
is - how
do we anticipate and treat these "silent" ulcers? I'd love to know.
love to still have my Mask. I'd love to still have Nala as a

Dr. Ruth
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