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From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-03-02 09:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Vit. B and Pred.

"Linda" <anmllvr@g...> wrote:
> Also my vet says not to give my healthy ferrets chicken gravy or duck
> soup.

I've got to disagree regarding the Chicken Gravy. The whole point of
Chicken Gravy is to provide a diet that's healthier than kibble and can
help *keep* your ferrets healthy. You certainly *should* feed it to
healthy ferrets, though I would suggest feeding it to them in a form
more like ground meat or canned catfood, rather than as a soup. I
always make it like a kind of chicken burger -- I can always throw some
in a blender with water or broth if I need to make soup.

Kibble should be available to them at all times, because they need to
be accustomed to it in case they ever need to go somewhere where
nothing else is available. But regular meals of Chicken Gravy should
be offered at least a couple of times a week. Bob C. himself feeds it
often, along with other types of raw or cooked meat, bones, shrimp,
etc. For his crew the kibble bowl is just a handy snack shop.

(Besides, Chicken Gravy can be lots of fun if your fuzzie ever gets an
x-ray. When the radiologist sees all the speckles in the intestinal
tract, he can amuse himself for hours trying to figure out if there's
something wrong with the critter or with the equipment. Fortunately
for him, my vet finally remembered what I was feeding and she spilled
the beans. B-)

As for duck soup, I, myself, wouldn't feed it to a sick ferret, much
less a healthy one. IMHO, you're much better off sticking with plain
kibble soup, thin Chicken Gravy, or meat baby food.


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