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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-09 18:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Extra Fused Sacral Vertebra

>It was 7. To give you the info on why he didn't have sx. on the right
>adrenal was because of the risks involved due to his heart. Lupron seemed
>like the safest way to go. Thank you, K.M.

Sorry to learn that he has heart disease. If you need it you will
find info on that at . Heart disease
is always a real roller coaster, but they are worth the effort.

So was L7 fused to L6, or L7 fused to S1?

I honestly don't know the neural or vascular off-shoot locations for
them and it's been years since I took gross anatomy though I can pull
out my old dissector and such, and at least look a those for humans
and compare to what I find in Fox or H&Q in hopes of learning
something myself, too. The vets are going to be the best source of
whether this would be a possible source of the dragging leg once the
fusion location is known. Really liked Dr. William's suggestion of a
possible nicked nerve during injection; it's something not uncommon
that could happen to anyone and those do heal on their own which is a