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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-07-09 17:55:00 UTC

I don't know where to start. This past week has been an
emotional rollercoaster .... I am sure many people wondered
why I have been acting strange and not around much etc.... but
I could only confide in a few people until we knew what we
were dealing with, and in the meantime, I was a wreck.

I can officially say now that the town of Tulsa Oklahoma has
had it's first known documented case of ADV.
I had an ADV test come back positive.
For those wondering, it was Jojo... a little rescue girl with
a very sad past.

The scary part is the fact Jojo has been with us almost a year
now, so that made the risk of infecting others high.... but
our saving graces were these points:

1. Jojo was always so ill and never got along with other
ferrets so she was always housed alone. Which left the main
risk the playroom area.
2. Her positive result was very weak, which they told me means
she is not active and they have reason to be speculating they
*may* not be contagious unless active.

Anyways... I didn't want to start a panic or make
announcements until we ran a test on everyone in house, as
well as those in foster homes and a few who have been adopted
out... got the results and knew where we stood. And Jojo was
isolated away from the other ferrets immediately.
In the meantime I have been stressing and upset over
speculating who might or might not be infected... what we
would do... depending on who and how many infected... shut
down totally? Split the ferrets up?

Anyway, we got the results back today... ALL others were
I am sorry for Jojo but you can't imagine my relief that she
is an isolated case.

Avecon now has an "instant at home" test kit available.
I am ordering a supply to have on hand. NO ferret comes into
this home from now on without a test.
Rescues will be separated until the test is run.

I admit I had taken a lazy attitude towards it since there
were no known cases in this area... this was a horrid wake up
call to the dangers and possibility and the reality of how
easily an infestation can occur.
I am announcing that FURTulsa is officially jumping on the ADV
bandwagon to promote education, testing and research. This
scare really shook me loose.
I strongly urge all owners to test.

More so, please for peace of mind, if you have gotten a ferret
from me or your ferrets have been around the shelter here...
PLEASE test.

I will also be looking for either an ADV home, or appropriate
home for Jojo to live out her days. if anyone is interested or
knows of anyone, please let me know.

A VERY Grateful Susan

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