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From: Celia Doyle
Date: 2001-07-09 21:10:00 UTC
Subject: New to List

Hello all,
Just joined this list this weekend and already find it very
I joined as I was trying to find out what is wrong with our
1 1/2 year old ferret Oscar--he's an albino. He has had a brown patch
to gradually appear on the left side of his face, just between his ear
and eye area--doesn't seem to bother him, no tumor or inflamation,
just dirty looking fur--I'm thinking its an over secretion of
"something", my vet had a look but wasn't concerned, thought it
probably has something to do with the removal of his scent glands??????
Also, he seems to sleep a bit more, gets more tired and plops down more,
but is still eating, drinking and pooping ok.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Many thanks, Celia