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From: Sonya Grable
Date: 2001-07-10 00:44:00 UTC
Subject: Another plea for ADV awareness & testing

Hi All,

I've just learned that a *very* special little girl that I planned to adopt
has recently tested ADV positive. I can't begin to express how sad and
I am. This little one had been severely neglected and most probably abused
by her former caretaker (term used *VERY* loosely). She is young and comes
from a location/background where ADV wouldn't be considered as much of a

This is tearing me apart. I've planned on adding her to my family for many
months now. I was her 'Secret Santa' (at least one of, if she had more than
one). I bought new bedding a few months back, told my other furkids about
her often, talked about her to friends and family members. I can't even
begin to allow myself to think for very long right now about what this
*truly* means to/for her. I'm wondering how she feels on the inside. She's
had on-going, yet inexplicable health problems for a while now. Nothing too
serious, though, and nothing that could be pinpointed. Well, now we know...
"Inexplicable" because nobody *seriously* thought that she could *really*
have or have even been exposed to ADV.

*PLEASE* be careful and *PLEASE* test. This is absolutely heartbreaking...
for me and for her. I've never even seen her in person or held her. Now I
never will. I have two ferrets that are both ADV (-). I can't bring her
their home knowing that she has this *VERY* CRUEL AND UNFORGIVING DISEASE.
had so much love, patience, understanding and caring to give to her. I
do, but she'll never know it. As much as I *absolutely hate* learning that
she has it, I don't regret asking that she be tested. It just hurts that to
some extent or other that she's been robbed of life. Either in years,
quality or both. It goes without saying that it isn't fair. It really

Even if you don't have money to give to research, especially since Dr.
Williams has started a program, at least talk about and educate yourself
about it. Basically, spread the word... not the disease. Never say never...
Don't, not for one minute, think that it can't impact or have any effect on
yours or your ferrets' lives. Don't make that mistake.

I am so worried about and sad for her. She didn't have much of a life or an
existence before... now she still might not.