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Date: 2001-07-10 03:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Feeding tubes

> Anyway, I would just like to know from the vets out there what they would
> in these extreme instances, go all the way with feeding tubes or are they
> too far gone at that point?

I missed this message the first time an owner and shelter, I can
tell you unequivocally, "YES"! Feeding tubes are a great tool when fighting a
debilitating disease - I've had them placed in extreme cases when the ferrets
just wouldn't eat and forcing them to eat was even more stress. I've had
remarkable recovery with the placement of a feeding tube - and there is
another added benefit - you have a method of getting medicines *exactly*
where you need them. Palatability is no longer an issue.

Lisa Leidig, Head Ferret
The Ferret Haven "By-the-Sea"