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From: Georgia
Date: 2001-07-10 12:55:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Watery stools

I could have sworn I sent this already, but I don't see it posted.
Maybe I didn't hit the Send button.

Okay, here it goes again. The ferret we are refering to was recently
acquired along with her sister from a woman in NJ. They are approx.
2 year old MF female ferrets. I consider them to be small but I am
used to having 4 to 5 pound males to snuggle with. The ferrets are
very calm and sweet. They were in their own cage until approximately
3 weeks ago when we bought a PV male ferret about 12 weeks old from a
local pet store. He became a cagemate with the two girls. She was
fine up until 2 days ago when I noticed the loose stools. She is
eating and drinking, no changes in food, and has not gotten out to
drink anything dangerous. There are no medical problems that I am
aware of. I have not taken her to the vet yet, I wanted to ask the
list for ideas and suggestions first.

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Sukie Crandall <sukiecrandall@t...>
> Do you have any further information. Has a new ferret joined the
> family? Has the ferret been out and had a chance to drink from a
> puddle or some such, or had a drink from an aquarium? Have foods
> changed? Does the ferret have underlying health problems?
> Has the vet done any fecal checks (useful!) when the ferret had its
> appointment about this? If no appointment, yet, do make one if
> continues. They will at times get something that is short term and
> not worrisome with logical care.
> Meanwhile, keep the ferret hydrated. If dehydration occurs get to
> the vet promptly for an injection of sub-cutaneous fluids.
> If the runs are bad give the ferret an electrolyte replacement
> such as Kayolyte or Pedialyte to make sure that the diarrhea does
> cause a depletion of essential electrolytes.
> If the runs turn black or tarry get to the vet promptly since that
> will be blood.
> BTW, I am not a vet.