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From: Celia Doyle
Date: 2001-07-10 05:59:00 UTC
Subject: New member

Hello all,
Just joined this list this weekend and already find it very
informative and helpful.
I joined as I was trying to find out what is happening with our
1 1/2 year old ferret Oscar--he's an albino. The fur at the base of
his ear (just between his ear and eye area) has gotten brownish as if
some sort of secretion, doesn't seem to bother him, no sore or
inflamation, just discoloration and dirty looking. I'm thinking
its an over secretion of "something". My vet had a look but wasn't
concerned, thought it probably has something to do with the removal
of his scent glands??????
Also, he seems to be sleeping more, gets tired and plops down more,
also doesn't care for his cage anymore but would rather be out and
sleep in his various hideouts. He is still eating, drinking and pooping ok.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Many thanks, Celia