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From: Joy Galey
Date: 2001-07-10 20:32:00 UTC
Subject: distemper vaccines

I have a couple question that maybe some one could help me with. One of
the vets advise would be helpful.

I have heard of so many cases where ferrets have had a severe reaction
to the distemper vaccines that it has really worried me. My oldest is
going on 2 1/2 years old and he hasn't had it since we got him. I at
first didn't know he was suppose to get this and when we got our second
one a year later I found this out.

Now, I haven't done it cause of all the stories about the reaction alot
of ferrets seem to have. I even have a friend here who's ferret has had
a severe reaction and has to have other shots to keep her from reacting
to it.

So my questions are how necessary is it? Whats the risk if they go with
out getting it? Whats the risk of a reaction if they do get it? Am I
putting them in more harm not getting it? And if they do react to it
what will they have to go through and what is done to keep them from
reacting to it?

Not sure what to do.
Joy and the Fuzzies