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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-07-10 20:40:00 UTC
Subject: licorice


My ferrets got into a bag of red licorice. They have been peeing and
pooping licorice-red. I thought I cleaned up all the licorice they had
scattered from the bag, but they must have some hidden somewhere. That was
around July 4. They are still pooping and peeing the licorice-red. I have
searched everywhere.

I know that normally snacks/sweets are okay in very small amounts. If they
have a stash of several big pieces and keep eating it, can it affect their
health at all if they keep nibbling away like this? They're health to date
is normal. And I don't know who is the guilty party yet, if it's one of
them or all three of them.


Susan in KY
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