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Date: 2001-03-02 11:36:00 UTC
Subject: EMERGENCY,resolved!

What last night,per Ferrets For Dummies,may have been distemper,turned
out to be a probable dermititus...He was given a shot of a steroid and
she was told to keep him away from the others.Vet said he was showing
signs of lympho,but DR Williams,as I just went thru a "possible lympho"
with Solita,(as you know,Thank You,Again!) wouldn't this swelling of his
nodes be typical for his infection?
No,he had not been vaccinated,he was a rescue 2 months ago from a feed
store.I was in such a hurry to get this info posted in time,I sent it
too soon,without background,tho he really has none.(Sorry)
I want to Thank All who responded.....I hope it taught everyone about
the importance of distemper Vaccinations,if nothing else....You are
right,Mimsy (Kristine,Bend Oregon Shelter) sent me your Website, Dr W,
it is NOT a pretty disease...(WOW,I learned ALOT)
Thank God we were dealing with something else,but next time....we may
not be so lucky!!
Love to all,