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Date: 2001-07-10 20:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 281 - Very difficult
adrenal case

I have read several posts that all give great information on
various doctors
that can try to do surgery on this ferret's adrenal, but I feel
compelled to
bring up something that has yet to be mentioned.

When you mess around with such a small, delicate vessel, you can get
a ton of
trouble you don't want. I had a ferret diagnosed with bilateral
tumors, the right one being wrapped very well around the vena cava.
I put him
on Lupron until he absolutely had to have surgery because of the
problems he was having. Boy, was I glad to have waited.

I, undisputedly, have the BEST surgeon around (specialist in
surgery) and she had to reroute the vena cava because of the tumor
the cava. Post-surgically he developed a blood clot that would not
and as a result could not eliminate excess fluids from his body. We
several days draining off mass amounts of fluid and using a
multitude of
medications to try and dissolve the clot, to no avail. He finally
away a few days after surgery.

I am certain that all the doctors listed are excellent doctors and
but not even the best can prevent complications. We all know the
complications that can occur with any surgery, but to advise such a
complicated surgery without posting the severe consequences that
can arise may be costly to a fuzzy that could have a lot more time
to spend
with his family.