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Date: 2001-07-11 02:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: MEAN biting ferret!

I have a ferret, Cibo with similar behavior, but he isn't mean. He
and his playmate, Sam were four months old when I purchased them from
a pet store, where I could not leave them another day.
Suprisingly the two are very different. While one is very calm
(low energy) and never bites, the other is a monster (high energy).
Cibo bites for different reasons...sometimes he seems to be seeking
attention or he doesn't want to be held. Sometimes I think he does
it because he can. He gets my arms, my hand (between the thumb and
first finger), and the top of my feet. He bites hard when he plays
with Sam, but when Sam gives the signal, Cibo backs off.
They are 4 years old now and Cibo doesn't bite as often as he did,
but he still takes a plug here and there.
I tried many behavior modification recommendations, but Cibo never
gave up the biting. The best I was able to accomplish, was to deter
some of the biting by firmly saying no in a strong tone.
I think some ferrets were just born to bite. I'm just glad he
never asked for a leather jacket or ran away to be in a beer
commercial. (smile)

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