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Date: 2001-07-11 06:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ADV Sites?

Dear Susan, and everyone (ok and this is long as well),
Judy G, and Kat P inspired me to do a site on ADV to try to reach people.
I saw a couple tech, but also outdated sites. I also read some very
technical posts, and writtings on the subject. It then occured to me why I
had not read in depth about ADV before. I was the average person, and the
average person does not have time nor the desire to try to understand lengthy
writtings, nor technical jargon about a disease that seems "foreign" and
"unusual" to them. So I made a site that is one page.... concise, accuarate,
up to date, and to the point. Any average Joe can understand this, and has
the time for this.
I announced my site everywhere last year, as well as a notice that this
site was a "gift" to all... that anyone is welcome to take the page for their
sites, or text for printouts, etc without asking permission. I pleaded with
people, that anyone with a website on ferrets to pleeeeeeease link up to it
at least... so that we all could be on the forefront of this. It didnt'
happen. And it saddened me. It's been a common happening for all touched by
ADV to be a voice not heard. I have not personally been touched by ADV. I
can only try to imagine how one feels that has had to face this horrid
disease. I do know that all of Susans fears are very much real. For some
people, not just one, but all of those fears have come true in the past.
Susan, I'm so happy that none of your greatest fears have been realized. I
hope this continues for many in the future. I"m afraid... there will be...
many in the future.
You know Susan, even I thought you'd be the last person on earth to run
into ADV so soon. Honestly. Its just mind boggling and frightening. Thank
you for comming forth. You did the right thing for ferrets. I admire you,
but I can also understand why others have not. So anyway, back to my site.
Judy and I came up with our sites with Kat's help around the same time. She
first addressed the personal aspect of it to grab people, and I the approach
geared for the outsider. Little by little we have added more in depth
information for those whom want to know more, and have linked up to each
other. Judy has gone the distance and has a page now on Dr Stephons speech
on adv, and the most on edge information is about to come from her site...
information from Dr Stephonson herself!
There are a lot of people in the ferret community that have been brought
together and even bonded over this one issue. I deeply regret that. Yes
regret that.
loving ferrets forever,
Straight talk about ADV:

Please visit for more adv info:
for information on ferret deafness: