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From: Star
Date: 2001-07-11 09:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Nala's sudden death, ulcers,

This story of poor little Nala is hitting so very
close to home for me. I lost my ferret Loki last
summer under similar sounding circumstances. I never
knew the real reasons behind what happened but it
sounds so very similar to this. He had adrenal surgery
and was receiving monthly Lupron shots. He was on the
Lupron for several months after his surgery. I had him
into the vet on a Monday for his shot, and all was
well. He was acting fine, good energy and general good
health considering his adrenal surgery didn't go too
well. He started having heart problems during the
surgery so they had to close him back up with only
part of the adrenal removed and nothing done about the
insulinomas. However, he never did have any insulinoma

Anyways...he had the Lupron shot Monday, all was well.
Then suddenly Saturday morning LITERALLY OVERNIGHT he
was rail thin, extremely sluggish. His body was icy
cold and he would not eat or drink. I called the vet
and I gave him a dose of Pepto followed about 15
minutes later by pedialyte and a small amount of duck
soup. I also gave him a hot water bootle wrapped in a
towel to lay on. About an hour later he went to use
his litterbox (bless his heart) and all that came out
of him was blood. At that point I rushed him to the
vet. His insides felt like mush, and the vet and I
didn't feel there was anything to do at that point.
All the light was gone from his eyes so I held him
while he was put to sleep. Now I wonder if he didn't
also have one of these ulcers? I wish to god now that
I had a necropsy done.


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