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From: molly smith
Date: 2001-07-11 13:31:00 UTC
Subject: ferrets tail

Not being a vet or anything, I myself cant tell you
exactly what the black spots on your ferrets tail are.
But my 3 year old male developed this last year....I
thought he was really sick when he lost all the fur
from about half way from his rump to the tip of his
tail. My vet told me they were simliar to the
black-heads we humans get. In fact, I was able to get
stuff out of the few I squeezed (dont recommend doing
that, until you've talked to your vet though just in
case) But she gave me a shampoo to use on him. After
two showers my little guy cleared up and I havent seen
it to that same extent since. Though you can still
see a few if your really looking through his fur.


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