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From: Ashlie Ludwig
Date: 2001-07-11 14:33:00 UTC
Subject: Behavior Problems 2

Hello Everybody,
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. To remind everyone I have a male
8 month old Marshall Farms blaze ferret who has been tormenting my one year
old Marshall female in the cage, but not during out time. Arthur, while a
blaze, is not deaf. He responds to loud noises and comes when called.
Arthur used to be my calmest ferret that mostly played with his toys, and he
has been the lowest on the totem pole behind Anabelle and my other male
Avery. Now during out time he is more energetic and ferret crazy. He plays
more with the others and seems to be in more of a challenging mode, but
everything stays under relative control. However, things get out of control
in the cage when Arthur starts to beat on Anabelle. She cries and there has
been one incidence of a scratch with blood. Sometimes these incidents can
last for up to 20 minutes leaving Anabelle running and with a soaked neck.
Any suggestions on what to do?
Thanks in advance,
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