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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-11 18:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Dr. Williams, am I doing the math correctly?

Debi wrote:
<On the Biaxin/Amoxi protocol for Helicobacter:
"...chlorythromycin (Biaxin) at 50 mg/kg once
daily, and amoxicillin
at 35 mg/kg once daily, or 20 mg/kg twice
Ferret weighs 2.38 (decimal) pounds = 5.236kg
(pounds x 2.2= kg)
Biaxin suspension dispensed at 250mg per 5ml
Amoxi suspension dispensed at 50mg per 1ml<

I figured the dosages also. I like the practice
since I have to do this for wildlife. I agree
with Dr. Williams on both counts. I like when
someone else can confirm that I have done it

I converted the weight to grams. I got right
about 1100 grams, which would equal Dr. Williams
1.1kg. If you choose to give the Amoxi twice a
day (I think I would), the dosage would be 0.45ml
twice a day (20mg/kg). Once a day is 0.8ml. The
Biaxin is dosed at 1.1ml once a day.