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From: Ann Barzda, Hillcrest Ferrets
Date: 2001-07-11 20:14:00 UTC
Subject: Testing for ADV

Hi folks, I'm sure this has been covered over and over but I am way
behind on email.

I haven't gone to the group to vote in the poll yet, but I have tested
my ferrets multiple times and will continue to test as often as I need
to (before every show, when a ferret goes out or a new one comes in, or
I have contact with other ferrets.) I will do this to protect my
ferrets and to protect other ferrets.

I am a very small scale breeder - only one litter this year - and I
tested the hob and jill before breeding them to be sure they were safe.
I tested the hob and jill again for the Pittsburgh AFA show, which was
close enough to the adoption dates for the kits to show that it was
likely they were all negative as well. I required the future owners to
test their existing ferrets and show me the results. I will do this
again next year if/when I
do another litter. Why? It's important to me to stop the spread of
this disease, as containment (and research) is the only solution right
now. I will continue to support shows that require a certificate of
recent test results, as the Pittsburgh AFA show required. I will avoid
those shows that do not require certificates, unless, like the upcoming
Ohio show, I know that the group involved is very active in testing, has
tested all of their
ferrets, and is very encouraging about everyone testing.

I hope that everyone else does the same. We can't completely eradicate
this disease, but we must, as responsible ferret owners and breeders, do
everything we can to keep our ferrets and other ferrets safe.

Hope this lets some of you who have asked, know, that there are breeders
trying to do the right thing.

Ann Barzda
Hillcrest Ferrets