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From: Tracy Jose
Date: 2001-03-03 00:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Hairballs

> From: "Jim & Laura Ferris" <jlferris@s...>
> Subject: Hair balls
> Since I posted about the possible hairball in my ferret Panda, I talked to the vet. He said that when Panda was in recently in there was no hairball because you can feel them. Instead he suggested that maybe Panda has an ulcer and gave me directions of giving him Tagament 10 ml x 2 for a week and then get back to him.
> Laura

Laura, I would get a second opinion. It is not true when your vet said that you can feel the hairballs. Mine had a hairball that was neither detected on x-ray and you could not feel it. I kept feeding her Laxastat (hairball medicine) and just as we were going to schedule her for surgery, she passed was a pretty good size and she also passed a small cloth eye from one of her stuffed toys that she swallowed. She was fine after that...I kept up the laxative for a week and a half and she was fine after that. Her stools returned to normal and she was eating healthily again!

Blockages can be very deadly...they are not something to wait around with.

Tracy J.
Tango, Chico, Roo, Pepe', Spunky & Leah