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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-07-12 08:15:00 UTC
Subject: ADV Surgery

Okay so now for the question of the day. As the whole world
now knows, Jojo has ADV. She also has Adrenal Gland Disease.
On top of that she has lowered (i.e. no "disease" but not
operating full strength) liver and digestive system issues.
Jojo is actually only about 3-3.5 years old but has a bad past
and came into rescue is horrid shape. So as not to waste the
time here, if you wish to see Jojo's intake story, it is here:
Her Intake pictures are here:
Subsequent Updated Pictures:

So anyway.... the issue is... she is still rather small and
thin... seemingly in decent health but not the strongest
either. So is it is possible to go ahead with an Adrenal
surgery?? Is it advisable on cases like this? Or does the ADV
contradict it in any way?
Obviously I will have our vet evaluate her as usual, but we
didn't know if the ADV status should be taken into
consideration in any way? Jojo is my vets first ADV as well
and so I am compiling lot's of information for her benefit to
learn as well.
We are at something of a starting point with our knowledge