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From: Rob Resnick
Date: 2001-07-12 10:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: distemper vaccines


I feel that alot of owners who have reaction give the rabies and
the distemper vaccines at the same vet visit. I've had several that
reacted and once we stop the giving the vaccines at the same time, the
reactions stopped. You must realize that because the rabies vax is a
killed vaccine it has an adjuvent which increases effectiveness of the
vax. Whereas the distempter is a modified live vaccince and has little
or no adjuvent. If you have even read the product insert for FERVAC D
it says that you are not to give any another vaccines with in 72 hours
of give it. People and Vets give both because of convence but it is
not right or good to do. I think there would be a lot less reactin if
they were given seperately as directed.


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