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From: Danee DeVore
Date: 2001-07-12 14:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ADV Surgery

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> So anyway.... the issue is... she is still rather small and thin...
seemingly in decent health but not the strongest either. So is it is
possible to go ahead with an Adrenal surgery?? Is it advisable on
cases like this? Or does the ADV contradict it in any way?
> Obviously I will have our vet evaluate her as usual, but we didn't
know if the ADV status should be taken into consideration in any way?
Jojo is my vets first ADV as well and so I am compiling lot's of
information for her benefit to learn as well.
> We are at something of a starting point with our knowledge here.
> Susan

Surgery is not out of the question, but you may want to proceed with
One of the things ADV can do is interfere with the blood's ability to
clot. I do not know the technical explanation, but I do know from
experiences with my own ferrets that it does not show up in the
normal pre-op bloodwork vet's usually do. That is to say, it is not
because of a low platelet count and although it has something to do
with the effect ADV has on the liver, it does not show up in the
liver enzymes. Therefore, before putting her through any surgery, I
would suggest having your vet check her clotting factor.
The other thing to consider is stress. With my ADV+ kids I have
found stress is the single most dangerous thing. I think that it is
because stress can affect the immune system, and since ADV causes
changes in the immune system, stress can cause the ADV to become
worse. I do know that several people with ADV+ furkids have had
their ferrets undergo surgeries without any problems, but you need to
weigh a lot of different factors in deciding what to do.
Does your vet have the equipment to do this as a cryosurgical
proceedure. I know from my own experiences with ferrets and
cryosurgery that the cryo is much less stressful to them.
I also know of people with ADV+ kids that have chosen to go the
Lupron route for adrenal problems, and the Lupron does not appear to
have any negative interactions with the ADV.
These are just some of my personal obsevations. I hope Dr. Williams
or Dr. Murray or one of the other vets on the list will also provide
some insight on this.