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From: Stephanie Blue
Date: 2001-07-12 17:52:00 UTC
Subject: Vet's advise please

I have the ferret Bo that I recently posted about his
improvement, I spoke too soon. A brief summary: He was
diagnosed with Helicobactor 3 weeks ago and put on Amoxi and
Flagyl. The flagyl made him vomit and caused unneeded stress,
so the vet put him on chlorphenical. He was on that for a
week and the Amoxi for 2 1/2 weeks. I put him on prednisone
because he was not improving and I had to force every drop of
food down him. His appetite was getting better, his stool's
were mostly formed, and his attitude was all around better.
Tuesday morning he started vomiting. He does not do it every
time I feed him, but when he does it is bad. You can
literally hear it rumbling up into his esophagus. Until
yesterday he was on carafate 4 times a day. I started giving
him Pepcid today, hopefully to make a difference. I took him
into work and took x-rays, both a lateral and DV. Two of the
vets looked at the films and could not find anything
outstanding. I work at a cat and dog hospital, we do not
treat ferrets there and they are not confident about what they
see. We talked about either sending the films to Mission Med
Vet, or I might make the drive to Kansas State. I cannot do
so until next week (it is a 2 hour drive). He is still taking
the pred (0.4 ml BID), Pepcid(0.4ml 4 X day), and
occassionally Pepto when I can get it down him. The bloodwork
and UA the ferret vet ran 3 weeks ago were within normal
limits. He has lost so much weight, he is hungry but vomits
up most of what he eats. Any suggestions would be greatly